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Weekend warrior Christmas Wish List


As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to put together your Christmas wish list. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just starting your journey, this blog post is tailored just for you.

As a Chiropractor with an extensive fitness background, needless to say I have seen (and treated) a number of [preventable] injuries, so I cannot stress enough the importance of choosing equipment that promotes good form and minimizes the risk of injury.

We’ll explore some fantastic home fitness equipment that suits your active lifestyle without breaking the bank. From resistance bands to kettlebells, cardio options, as well as muscle recovery, let’s make this Christmas one that boosts your well-being from the comfort of your own home!

Let’s get started….

Funny Mr. Potato Head working out

Resistance Bands

Let’s kick off our Christmas wish list with a versatile and affordable gem – resistance bands! These handy dandy bands are a simple yet effective tool which add a whole new dimension to your workout routine.

Perfect for the busy weekend warrior, resistance bands are great for strength training, flexibility, and rehabilitation exercises.

In my office I utilize two sets of resistance bands: a long and short set of bands which range in tension.


Yes4All Kettlebell Vinyl Coated Cast Iron – Great for Dumbbell Weights Exercises, Full Body Workout Equipment Push up, Grip Strength and Strength Training, PVC

If you’re looking to add some oomph to your strength training routine, kettlebells are the answer. These cannonball-shaped weights with handles are fantastic for building strength, power, and endurance.

You may consider adding a variety of weights to your Christmas wish list or if you are like me and don’t have an abundant amount of space to house a series of Kettlebells (KB), my preferred option is having a light to moderate set and a moderate to heavy set.

For personal reference, I would opt for a light to moderate set of KBs between 20-30pounds, and a moderate to heavy set between 50-60 pounds. Of course, find a set that works best for your fitness level and goals.

Kettlebell training does not have to be complex; learn a few simple movements and apply them as necessary to fit your workout goals.

Like most pieces of workout equipment there is vast array of options to choose from which range in quality to price. I have kept it basic for you and added the most popular item from Amazon.

Cardio Equipment

Cardio Equipment aka “the clothing rack”. No weekend warrior’s wish list is complete without addressing cardiovascular fitness. While traditional cardio equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes are great options, let’s explore some alternatives that are highly effective.

The Jump Rope: (least expensive, but can be an issue with poor coordination or limitations with plyometrics) A classic yet highly effective cardio tool, a jump rope is compact, affordable, and provides a fantastic cardiovascular workout. It’s perfect for quick, high-intensity sessions that fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

The Rowing Machine: (Moderate to high price point): This piece of equipment is perfect for incorporating cardio into your circuit training, or looking for a quick full body workout. If you are looking for an excellent way to wake your entire body up and burn some solid calories this is your option.

The Assault Bike: (Higher price point) The assault bike has made a huge resurgence of popularity over the past few years with the backing of gyms like CrossFit or F45 (*I have no sponsorships or affiliation support by naming them in this blog). If you are looking to crush some zone 3, 4, or even zone 5 level cardiovascular training then this is your cup of tea.

The traditional treadmill: Don’t tread on ‘ol faithful here. The treadmill is an excellent option when looking to add cardio to your circuit training, getting some good runs in when the weather isn’t cooperating outside, or if you are looking or a low to no impact option for walking.

Whether you choose to add cardio equipment, or you prefer to stick with the legendary run, jog, walk routines; make sure you choose the equipment that is congruent to your fitness goals.


This leads me to a perfect transition to one of the most important components to your training, “The recovery”. We all do it, we crush our workout, and then jump right in to the routines of our day: shower, eat, and head into work where we spend the mass majority of our day in a sedentary position.

See my previous post “Can Chiropractic care and corrective exercise reduce upper cross syndrome” for more information on how to combat this issue.

Recovery is vital to the success of your fitness journey. Adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and rest play a direct role in your ability to grow, heal, and rebuild between workouts.

My Christmas wish list includes foam rollers and massage balls. These simple tools can work wonders for sore muscles, helping you recover faster and get back to your weekend warrior activities with renewed energy.

Wrapping up this wish list

This Christmas, let your wish list reflect your commitment to a healthier and more active lifestyle. With resistance bands, kettlebells, and creative cardio options, you can transform your home into a personal fitness haven.

Remember, the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of health and well-being. Here’s to a Merry Fitmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year, weekend warriors!

This will be a 2-part post, as the follow up will consist of various way to utilize these products to maximize your fitness goals and improve your mobility. So, stay tuned, because Dr. B has a lot of great information as we move forward in to 2024.

Best Regards,

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Dr. Brandon Pounds DC, CES, PES is the owner of Advanced Health Chiropractic. He is a board certified and licensed chiropractor in Texas. Click on the link to view his Curriculum Vitae

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