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What happens on my first chiropractic visit?

Your first visit at Advanced Health Chiropractic

Dr. Pounds will complete a consultation, neurological, orthopedic, and physical exam. The consultation will introduce the importance of maintaining a healthy and functioning nervous system.

In the exam, Dr. Pounds will walk you through varies tests in order to indicate how well the nervous system is functioning, as well as other focused concerns specific to the patient.

Upon completion of the exam, Dr. Pounds will apply the appropriate chiropractic adjustments specific to the improvement of the patient. If clinically necessary, supporting  therapeutic modalities and exercises will be recommended.

Dr. Pounds will introduce multiple forms to evaluate the integrity of the spinal system. These forms of assessment include, but are not limited to: Applied Kinesiology, Functional Movement Screening, and Static Spinal Palpation.

Chiropractic techniques: Diversified, Activator, Thompson, Gonstead, and Applied Kinesiology.

Supporting treatments and modalities: Corrective Exercise, E-Stem, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Muscle Activation, and Kineso-taping.

Completing New Patient Intake Form

Click here to download the New Patient Intake Form